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Estonia was elected vice president of the UN Economic and Social Council


On September 17 , Estonia was elected Vice President of the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) at UN Headquarters in New York. The duties of the vice president will be performed by the Permanent Representative of the Republic of Estonia to the UN, Ambassador Sven Jürgenson, until the end of July 2016.

Ambassador Sven Jürgenson said that membership in and holding the vice presidency of ECOSOC provides Estonia with an opportunity to significantly increase its international influence and visibility and to intensify relations with developing countries. "Furthermore, Estonia can continue to be actively involved in the promotion of human rights, including women's and children's rights,  the rule of law, good governance,the rights of indigenous people and internet freedom," the Ambassador added. Contributing to sustainable development by promoting the use of ICT solutions also remains one of Estonia’s priorities.  

In addition to Estonian Ambassador Sven Jürgenson, the other ECOSOC vice presidents include the representatives of Switzerland, Argentina and Zimbabwe. The current President of ECOSOC for the current period is the Permanent Representative of South Korea to the UN.

ECOSOC is the UN's primary institution dealing with economic and social issues. Its mission includes the promotion of economic development, protection of human rights and international cooperation in the social sector, as well as coordinating the United Nations’ specialized agencies, programs and funds. The 54 members of ECOSOC are elected by the UN General Assembly. Another important function of ECOSOC will be the monitoring of the post-2015 implementation of sustainable development objectives. The new goals of sustainable development that apply to all UN member states will be adopted on September 25-27 at the UN Sustainable Development Summit.

Estonia's membership in ECOSOC began on January 1 of this year and will run until December 31, 2017. Estonia was a member of ECOSOC in 2009-2011 for the first time, when it also performed the role of vice president.

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