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Foreign Minister to leading lawyers: international law also applies in cyber space


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On 27 August, at the Seaplane Harbour, Foreign Minister Marina Kaljurand hosted members of the Institute of International Law, who were in Tallinn for the organisation’s general meeting.

In her welcoming speech, the Foreign Minister stressed to the lawyers that the development of international law has to develop and go hand in hand with new challenges and new domains. “Estonia’s recent contribution to adapting the existing international law to the needs of the changing world is in the field of cyberspace. Today, countries admit international law applies in cyber space as well. Discussions are underway on how exactly to regulate behaviour in cyber space. These discussions must be attended by both governments and independent experts,” Kaljurand said. “I hope to read about international law and cyber in your next resolutions,” the Minister said to the members of the Institute.

Foreign Minister Marina Kaljurand also underlined the importance of having the fundamental rights of people protected in every country and by every government. “The situation we face in Europe today is that for the first time since the Second World War, one country has illegally occupied and annexed the territory of another state,” the Foreign Minister noted. “We need to uphold the principles of international law and to resist power politics and spheres of influence logic,” she added.

The Institute of International Law is an organisation founded in 1873, in Belgium, aimed at the development of international law. The Institute’s members are leading global experts in international law. Since 2013, the Estonian jurist and lecturer Rein Müllerson has been the President of the Institute. General meetings are held every other year in different cities.

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