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Estonian Embassy in London receives citizens at a new address


Estonian Embassy in London is moving to a newly renovated building and from today, 3 August, will start to provide consular services for the citizens at the new address 44 Queen’s Gate Terrace.

According to Ambassador Lauri Bambus, one of the main reasons why it was decided to move to a new embassy building was the need to offer better consular services to Estonian citizens living and working in Great Britain. “The more spacious rooms of the new building will make the consular reception much more convenient. The new rooms will also allow for an additional consul to work, if necessary, so that the servicing of people would be even faster and smoother,” Bambus noted.

The Ambassador confirmed that one of the London Embassy’s important priorities is to offer people fast and high-quality consular services. “We hope that the move will not cause greater disruptions in helping citizens and people will find us easily at the new address,” he said. The Ambassador added that the information about the London Embassy’s new address will remain on the information board outside the old building. All the necessary contact information can be found on the Embassy’s website We will also promote awareness through the local Estonians’ newspaper, information lists and social media- “The inauguration of the new embassy building will take place in the autumn of 2015,” said Bambus.

A house was bought for the new embassy building in London’s borough of Kensington and Chelsea in 2007 and renovation works were commenced in the early summer of 2014. The street where the new embassy is located was founded from 1851 to 1855 and the house itself was built from 1859 to 1860. Queen’s Gate Terrace is one of the streets in a new block, which was built for the large world fair that took place in London in 1851. The developer of the block was William Jackson. The house represents the Victorian style of architecture characteristic of the middle of the 19th century and is under heritage conservation.

The renovation works of the building were carried out by MY Construction & Carpentry Ltd. The architectural solution of the house was done by Pelle-Sten Viiburg from the architectural bureau Doomino Arhitektid OÜ and interior decoration by Margit Argus, Margit Aule and Kaur Käärma from the architectural bureau KAOS Arhitektid OÜ. The lighting designer is Priit Tiimus from Tipriit Valgusdisain OÜ and the creator of the chandeliers decorating the house is Margus Triibmann from OÜ Keha3. The photos used on the interior design elements of the building are made by Arne Ader from OÜ Loodusmees.

Photos of the Embassy’s new consular rooms:

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