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The Foreign Ministry supports students from development cooperation countries studying at Estonian universities


Foreign Minister Keit Pentus-Rosimannus approved the financing of ten scholarship programs for students from Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus, Moldova, the Palestinian Authority and Kazakhstan to study at Estonian universities. With the scholarships sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, university students from development cooperation countries can study in the Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes at the University of Tartu, Tallinn Technical University, the Estonian University of Life Sciences, Estonian Business School (EBS) or Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences and also participate in the universities’ summer courses and additional training at the Estonian School of Diplomacy.

According to the Foreign Minister, supporting higher education is an important priority in Estonia’s development cooperation. “The experience, connections, knowledge and skills, which students take away with them is in turn a good opportunity to boost the development of their societies,” Pentus-Rosimannus explained.

With support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, students from development cooperation countries will have the opportunity to study public administration, landscape architecture, environmental resource management, business management and health care technology, among other subjects. For example, at Tallinn Technical University, 15 students of higher education are able to receive support to study e-government technologies and services, and seven university students have the chance to receive a master’s degree scholarship. Three students will be granted the opportunity to study landscape architecture at the Estonian University of Life Sciences in the English Master’s degree programme.

Also, 10 diplomats from the Palestinian Authority and 11 from Kazakhstan’s Academy of Public Administration are awaited to take part in the Estonian School of Diplomacy’s follow-up training. Students from Georgia, Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine can apply for scholarships to participate in four different summer university programmes at the University of Tartu. In addition, the Foreign Ministry is supporting the studies of 30 students from Ukraine in the University of Tartu’s summer university programme entitled “The prospects of democracy, stability and Europeanization for Ukraine: what to learn from the experience of the Baltic countries?”

In total, the Foreign Ministry's will allocate close to 450,000 euros from its development cooperation funds in support of learning opportunities for students. For additional information about the scholarships please contact the universities directly.

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