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NATO and partner countries to continue supporting Afghanistan following the end of the ongoing Resolute Support Mission


NATO and partner countries' foreign ministers meeting today in Antalya welcomed the successful launch of the joint training mission Resolute Support Mission (RSM). The mission began in January of 2015 and the goal for Allies and partners is to support Afghanistan’s Defence and Security Forces in the fight against insurgency.

The NATO foreign ministers also confirmed that they will continue to support Afghanistan following the end of the Resolute Support Mission. “In the future, the key element of our partnership with Afghanistan will be the temporary civilian-led presence. The guidelines for the future presence were agreed by the Ministers today.” Foreign Minister Keit Pentus-Rosimannus said after the meeting.

“Estonia is actively participating in the Resolute Support Mission and we are considering ways to continue contributing after the end of the mission. The Allies’ desire to continue to support Afghanistan in becoming a stable, secure and democratic society is a strong sign of united resolve to fulfil the commitments it has made,” the Foreign Minister added.

The countries participating in the meeting jointly welcomed the formation of the unity government following the successful presidential elections in Afghanistan in 2014, as well as the growth of Afghanistan’s military capabilities. The Foreign Minister of Afghanistan Salehuddin Rabbani thanked  Allies and partners for their long-term support and confirmed that Afghanistan’s government is working toward the goal of independently guaranteeing the safety of its society.



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