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As of tomorrow Estonian foreign representations shall be accepting requests for e-resident digital identification cards


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Starting tomorrow, April 1, Estonian foreign representations shall be accepting applications to obtain e-resident digital identification cards.

E-residency gives foreigners living in foreign countries equal opportunities with residents of Estonia to take advantage of Estonia’s e-environment. While staying in any part of the world, the Estonian ID card allows you to sign documents in minutes, set up a company in an hour, make bank transfers in seconds, participate actively in the management of a company registered in Estonia and declare your taxes with a few clicks of a mouse. An e-resident’s digital ID provides foreigners with the opportunity to do business digitally, regardless of location.

In order to apply for an e-resident digital identification card, you must contact the nearest Estonian foreign representation and submit the following documents:

•             an application form (can be filled out on a computer screen (PDF), printed out (PDF) and filled in by hand); 
•             the applicant’s valid identity document;
•             a colour photo measuring 40x50mm;
•             a written explanation in free form (in English, Russian or Estonian), stating the user’s intentions regarding the digital ID and the circumstances of its use;
•             a state fee for processing the application (80 euros);

The application along with the necessary documents shall be forwarded to the Police and Border Guard Board. Additional information:

Although initially future e-residents must visit the foreign representation twice, applying for e-residency will soon become significantly easier. In May, a virtual environment will be opened where you can submit applications for e-resident digital ID cards. Applicants must thereafter only visit an Estonian foreign representation once, in order to receive their ID document.

About e-residency in more detail:


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