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Foreign Minister Keit Pentus-Rosimannus: Denmark is an important partner for Estonia in NATO, the EU and in regional cooperation


Yesterday, Foreign Minister Keit Pentus-Rosimannus discussed the bilateral relations of Estonia and Denmark and cooperation in NATO, the European Union and at regional level at a meeting with Danish foreign minister Martin Lidegaard in Brussels. According to the Foreign Minister, Estonia and Denmark condemn Russian aggression in Ukraine and hold similar views on many important foreign policy issues.

The foreign ministers of Estonia and Denmark stressed the need to jointly withstand Russia’s continued efforts to destabilise the situation in Europe. “As NATO allies we can rely on the presence of Alliance forces and subsidiarity, but we have to make joint efforts in order to increase the Alliance’s ability and readiness to react, especially by implementing the Readiness Action Plan as soon as possible,” Foreign Minister said. According to the minister, it is also important to follow a joint, firm line in the European Union and be alert in reacting to Russia’s conduct. “If necessary, the European Union must be ready to impose additional sanctions against Russia,” Pentus-Rosimannus added.

When talking about regional cooperation, the Foreign Minister said that Denmark is an important partner for Estonia. Next year, Denmark will take over the Nordic-Baltic cooperation (NB8) chairmanship from Estonia. “We consider it important that Denmark intends to pay attention to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, energy security and Eastern Partnership during its chairmanship. We also welcome Denmark’s proposal to add the topic of Russian propaganda to the priorities of next year’s NB8 format,” Foreign Minister noted.

The relations between Estonia and Denmark are very good according to the Foreign Minister. “Defence cooperation between the two countries has been efficient and practical for years,” the Foreign Minister said and highlighted the cooperation between Estonian and Danish forces during the NATO ISAF mission in Afghanistan and Denmark’s repeated contribution to Baltic air security. The Foreign Minister also thanked her Danish colleague for Denmark’s contribution to the operation of the Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL) by providing one lecturer and sponsoring students.

When talking about cyber cooperation, the Foreign Minister said that the cooperation between Estonia and Denmark could be closer. According to the Foreign Minister, topics such as Internet freedom, e-services and cybercrime often have a cross-border dimension that requires effective cooperation of countries. “In the interests of better cyber cooperation, we would be glad to see Denmark join the NATO cyber defence centre,” the Foreign Minister added.

Eastern Partnership and energy security were also discussed at the meeting.


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