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Foreign Minister Pentus-Rosimannus: Estonia fully supports the implementation of the priorities of Latvia’s EU Presidency


Foreign Minister Keit Pentus-Rosimannus said that the most important themes of the Latvian Presidency of the Council of the European Union which began on January 1, are neighbourhood policy, energy security, and the movement towards a single digital market. “These are all important issues for Estonia and we will help Latvia implement its priorities in every way we can,” the Foreign Minister affirmed.

Pentus-Rosimannuse said that among other things, countries who would like to strengthen their cooperation with the European Union continue to require attention and support in conducting reforms. “The Riga Summit to be held during the Latvian Presidency should give Eastern Partnership countries who have done their homework a clear message of the European perspective. Hopefully during that same summit, a decision can also be made concerning visa-free travel between Georgia and the European Union,” she said.

According to the Foreign Minister, one of the main themes to develop during the period of Latvian Presidency will inevitably be relations between the European Union and Russia. “During the period of Latvian Presidency, a decision must be made regarding whether to continue sanctions put in place due to Russia's aggressive behaviour. Russia must stop its aggression against Ukraine and fulfil its international obligations. Without such a change, it is not possible to change the sanctions policy,” the Foreign Minister said.

One of the main themes of the period of Latvian Presidency is also that of energy security issues. “For us, it is important to start preparations for the regional liquefied natural gas terminal, the Balticconnector and move forward with preparations for the construction of a third power line between Estonia and Latvia,” she added.

According to the Foreign Minister, Estonia continues to be ready to contribute to closer cooperation with EU Member States in the field of ICT; in both the development of e-services, as well as in dealing with cyber security threats and moving towards a single digital market.

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