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Foreign Minister Keit Pentus-Rosimannus will present the Foreign Ministry’s culture awards


On Wednesday, January 7 at 14:00, Foreign Minister Keit Pentus-Rosimannus will present the Foreign Ministry’s 2014 culture awards. The awards give recognition to creative people who have promoted Estonian culture internationally and have also broadened Estonian people’s world view.

Last year, the Foreign Ministry’s cultural award was given to the people behind the Estonian-Georgian co-production feature film “Tangerines”, the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra (ERSO), Kristiina Ehin, Ilmar Lehtpere and Anne Erm. In 2012, the Foreign Ministry’s cultural awards went to Ewert and the Two Dragons, Ilmar Raag, Riina Sildos, Laine Mägi and Kalle Kasemaa. In 2011, Aivar Mäe and the creative team behind the XI Young Peoples’ Song and Dance Festival “Maa ja ilm” including Aet Maatee, Veronika Portsmuth Märt Agu and Raul Talmar received awards. In 2010, Arvo Pärt, Tõnu Kaljuste and Tiina Lokk were awarded the prize and in 2009 Imbi Paju and Tiit Ojasoo.

Honoured journalists!

The presentation of the cultural awards will take place on Wednesday, January 7 at 14:00 at the Foreign Ministry. Please inform the Foreign Ministry’s press department of your wish to attend the event by e-mail ( or phone 637 7618 no later than Wednesday, January 7 at 12:00.

Please arrive on January 7 by 13:50 at the latest. Entry is via the visitors’ entrance at Lauteri 2. Please bring along a piece of photo ID.

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