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Concert of Tõnis Mägi in Stavanger


15th May 2010 at 19.00
Stavanger, Sola Ruinkirke

Tõnis Mägi is an Estonian singer and songwriter who has been one of the most influential and remarkable names in Estonian popular music of the past 40 years. His originality quickly made him one of the most popular and widely touring singers not only in Estonia, but in the entire former Soviet Union. His audience then was 300 million people. During the time of Estonia's "Singing Revolution" he was one of the most prominent singers with his song "Koit" (Dawn) achieving anthem status.

For decades he has written and sung songs in a wide range of styles from blues and jazz to rock and folk music.

Tõnis Mägi is unique among musicians of his generation for his depth, individuality and great creativity. The theme of communication runs through his entire diverse repertoire. Rock, blues, soul, disco, funk, national ballads. he has contributed more than anyone else in Estonia to these musical genres. After more than forty years of performing, he is still possessed of a great life force. The early years had been a life journey, a search for self discovery but Tõnis is no longer looking for himself. Rather he's just passing through, taking life and ideas as they come.


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