Estonia Supports Starting EU-Iceland Accession Negotiations as Soon as Possible


Foreign Ministry Secretary General Marten Kokk discussed the situation in the global economy and further European Union enlargement with his Icelandic colleague Einar Gunnarsson, Secretary General of the Icelandic Ministry of Finance Guðmundur Árnason, and members of the Icelandic Parliament’s foreign affairs commission.

Foreign Ministry Secretary General Marten Kokk stated that Estonia completely supports starting accession negotiations with Iceland, followed by Iceland’s accession to the European Union. “For any sectors in which Iceland is interested, Estonian experts will gladly share their experiences in joining the European Union,” said Secretary General Kokk, who gave a lecture at the University of Iceland on Estonia’s experience joining the European Union. 

Another topic addressed at the meeting was the incident with Icesave, the internet bank of Iceland’s Landsbank. Secretary General Kokk said that the most important thing is that a solution is found for the situation that would be satisfactory to all the countries involved. He also said that it is important that the banking problem does not hinder Iceland from stepping into the European Union.

From 12-13 April the Foreign Ministry held a seminar in Iceland during which representatives and experts from Estonian government institutions introduced Estonia’s experiences while joining the European Union. Topics covered at the seminar were Estonia’s six-year experience as a European Union member state, the EU enlargement process, Estonia’s domestic preparations for joining European Union regional policy and structural funds and in the environmental protection and agricultural sectors, informing the public of essential information during accession negotiations, and Estonia’s experience with joining the European Monetary Fund.

The seminar, which was led by Foreign Ministry Undersecretary Kaja Tael, included experts from the Foreign Ministry as well as specialists from the Ministry of the Environment, Agricultural Ministry, Interior Ministry, Finance Ministry, the Bank of Estonia, and the Riigikogu.


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