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Estonia welcomes the agreement on the Iranian nuclear program


Foreign Minister Marina Kaljurand said that Estonia welcomes the agreement reached as a result of negotiations between the E3 + 3 (the United States, China, France, Germany, Great Britain and Russia) and Iran on a comprehensive settlement regarding the Iranian nuclear program.

The Foreign Minister said the agreement is of historic significance and was pursued for over a decade. “This agreement proves that even in the case of extremely complicated international issues, diplomatic efforts can help to provide a peaceful and constructive solution,” Foreign Minister Kaljurand remarked. “We call on Iran to fully implement the action plan that was agreed to. Hopefully, it will help to contribute to the gradual alleviation of tensions in the region at large,” she added.

In the action plan established under the agreement, restrictions are set on Iran's nuclear program and Iran is committed to allowing observers from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) access to its nuclear sites. If Iran's adherence to its obligations is confirmed by the IAEA, the restrictive measures regarding Iran's nuclear program will be progressively annulled. In the case of a breach of obligations, the restrictive measures will be restored. The action plan shall take effect 90 days after the UN Security Council adopts the resolution.



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