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A consul of the Estonian Embassy in Moscow met with Eston Kohver today


Today, on April 1, a consul of the Estonian Embassy in Moscow met with Eston Kohver to discuss his situation and the circumstances involved in the investigation. The consul assured Kohver that his case is being dealt with on all levels.

April 5 marks the deadline of Eston Kohver’s current term of custody. A hearing for extending custody is set for tomorrow, April 2nd. The Estonian Embassy has requested that a consul be allowed to attend the hearing.

At a meeting which took place on March 27, the investigator informed Kohver that his case file will be forwarded to Pskov and the court proceedings will take place there.

A consul will continue to communicate and hold meetings with Kohver regularly. The relevant Estonian authorities are doing everything in their power to ensure that Eston Kohver, who is being held illegally in Russia, be released and can return home.

According to Foreign Minister Keit Pentus-Rosimannus, the abduction of Estonian Security Police Officer Eston Kohver from the territory of the Republic of Estonia by the FSB, and the seven months of unlawful detention in Russia constitute a serious violation of international law. “Regrettably, there has been no substantial progress towards an actual solution by the Russian side so far. In addition, Kohver’s Russian state-appointed lawyer is not providing adequate legal representation and is presenting contradictory information to the public,” she added. The minister said that the Estonian state is ready to continue to provide Kohver with all necessary assistance and support.

Pentus-Rosimannus said that Estonia has raised and is maintaining Eston Kohver as a top issue on the international level, as well as in bilateral relations. “Estonia intends to keep up this international pressure until Eston Kohver is released and has arrived back home to his family,” the Foreign Minister said.

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