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Government calls on people to raise flags of mourning tomorrow


The government is calling on all state institutions to raise the Estonian flag as a flag of mourning tomorrow, 24 July, to commemorate those killed in the shooting and explosion in the Kingdom of Norway and to express condolences to the people of Norway.

“The incomprehensible and brutal crime that took place in Norway has deeply shaken Estonian society. As a sign of solidarity, the government is asking that people raise a flag of mourning to express support for the loved ones of the victims and to all the people of Norway,” said Prime Minister Andrus Ansip. According to the directive approved during an extraordinary session of government held over the phone, tomorrow all state institutions must raise flags of mourning, and the prime minister is also calling on all people to join in mourning and raise flags of mourning.

A flag of mourning without a black ribbon is raised so that the bottom edge of the flag is halfway up the flagpole. To bring the flag to this position it must first be raised slowly all the way to the top of the flagpole, then lowered so that the bottom edge of the flag is at the centre of the pole. To lower the flag at the end of the day, first raise the flag all the way to the top of the pole. To make a flag of mourning on a staff, a 50 to 100 mm wide black ribbon is attached to the top end of the staff. The ends of the ribbon must fall along the edge of the flag to the bottom edge of the flag material.


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