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FM Paet: Nordic-Baltic report includes 38 specific cooperation proposals


Foreign Minister Urmas Paet said at the meeting of the foreign ministers of the Baltic states and the Nordic countries in Riga that the proposals contained in the Nordic-Baltic cooperation report provide a good foundation to make future cooperation even more effective. "The report offers specific proposals with regard to cooperation between the Nordic countries and the Baltics,“ said Paet.

Paet said that both Estonia and the other Baltics and Nordics wish to devote more attention to cooperation both in coordinating foreign policy positions and with regard to the foreign service, where examples include consular assistance or exchange of diplomats. "Every country should designate at least one foreign representation where it would be possible to engage the services of diplomats from other Nordic countries or Baltic states. We should also examine opportunities for the exchange of diplomats. We have such a practice in place with our Finnish colleagues. Next year an Estonian diplomat will be sent to the Finnish representation in Lusaka, Zambia," said Paet. Paet also said that better coordination of common positions would increase the visibility of the Nordics and Baltics in international organizations.

The report also offers a number of ideas for cooperation on energy issues and environmental and defense issues. Paet said Estonia supports the establishing of additional energy links between the Baltic and Nordic regions and Poland.

Nordic-Baltic cooperation - NB8 - is a regional cooperation format in which Sweden, Finland, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania further political dialogue and practical cooperation.

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