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Foreign Ministry Secretary General Met with Nordic and Baltic Colleagues


Foreign Ministry Secretary General Marten Kokk participated in a meeting of the secretaries general of the foreign ministries of the Nordic and Baltic countries (NB8 – Nordic-Baltic 8). 

At the meeting, they thoroughly discussed the results of the Irish referendum and the Treaty of Lisbon coming into effect. Foreign Ministry Secretary General Marten Kokk expressed hope that the ratification process for the Lisbon Treaty would soon end successfully in Poland and the Czech Republic as well. “The Treaty of Lisbon helps to ensure a strong Europe, which is a requirement for Europe to be a considerable power and partner to other nations in this globalising and rapidly changing world,” Kokk asserted.

The secretaries general of the Nordic and Baltic foreign ministries also discussed matters related to climate change. Marten Kokk stated that his Danish colleague gave an overview of how preparations for the Copenhagen climate conference are going. “We must continue making an effort to ensure the meaningful content of the climate agreement to be signed in Copenhagen. It is also important to keep in mind each nation’s ability to pay and its individual characteristics. Developing nations must also take on binding commitments and contribute to the fight against climate change as much as they are able,” said Kokk.  

Another topic addressed at the meeting was the effect of the economic crisis on the foreign service of the Nordic and Baltic nations. The Foreign Ministry secretary general confirmed that Estonia does not plan to close any of its foreign representations, but in today’s circumstances it is extremely necessary to develop co-operation between nations for foreign services. “Estonia is currently holding negotiations with Latvia over sharing a joint embassy space in Cairo, Egypt,” said Secretary General Kokk, giving an example of how nations can successfully co-operate to advance their foreign services.  

At their meeting, the secretaries general also talked about Iceland’s economic situation and Iceland’s application to join the EU.  

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